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PCI Performance Management is passionate about community banking! Our mission is to offer key insights and tools to drive executives to the next level. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

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Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is a vital process that holds immense value for locally-owned community banks. In an ever-changing and competitive financial landscape, having a well-defined strategy is crucial for long-term success and sustainable growth. 

By investing time and resources into strategic planning, community banks can position themselves as trusted financial partners and secure their long-term success in an evolving marketplace.
Tactical Planning


Developing tactical plans and priorities is crucial for organizations to successfully execute their strategic plans. 

While strategic planning sets the overall direction and long-term goals, tactical planning translates these high-level objectives into actionable steps and specific priorities. By having well-defined tactical plans, businesses can increase their chances of success and ensure that their strategic objectives are achieved.
Project Planning


In today's fast-paced business environment, adopting an organizational-wide project management approach is essential for turning strategic goals into tangible results. It aligns projects with the organization's overall strategy, fosters collaboration and communication, promotes efficient resource utilization, and encourages continuous improvement. 

Embracing this approach empowers businesses to achieve their strategic ambitions and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.
Organizational Alignment


Organizational alignment plays a vital role in both employee development and organizational growth. It fosters unity, collaboration, and motivation among employees while providing a clear direction for achieving the company's objectives. By aligning employees' goals with those of the organization, companies can enhance employee development, improve communication, and facilitate effective decision-making. 

Ultimately, organizational alignment drives overall success, enabling companies to grow, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition.
Performance Management


At PCI Performance Management, we understand the critical role that performance management plays in the success of any organization. Performance management is a comprehensive process that involves measuring, managing, and improving employee performance through the effective use of training and engagement strategies.

By combining performance measurement, training, and engagement strategies, we can create a high-performing workforce that drives business growth and ensures long-term success.
Executive Coaching

In the ever-evolving business landscape, organizations must proactively adapt, strategize, and innovate to stay ahead. That's where executive coaching comes in. By investing in executive coaching, organizations can ensure their leaders have the necessary skills, mindset, and tools to drive strategy, foster innovation, and retain top talent.

PCI’s executive coaches are here to provide you with resources and insight to guide your leadership approach in key areas critical to your professional development and organizational goals.

Staff Modeling


In today’s environment, productivity and efficiency are key to a successful bank’s profitability.  A critical element to efficiency and productivity is the number of staff needed for the bank In today’s environment, the high cost of doing business demands that a bank utilizes staff effectively.

For a bank to fully understand its staffing needs, it is no longer sufficient to just examine assets/employee. A more in-depth look at several aspects of the bank must be completed which will provide an ability to review staffing.
Operational Workflow


An operations assessment is an in-depth look at your bank’s operations and will analyze the effectiveness of several areas of operations performance. It will provide a “new look” at your overall bank operations

Another aspect of our site assessments will look at current workflow conditions, and identify ways to help fully utilize technology and streamline areas of redundancy.
Audit & Compliance

Foundation for Risk-based Control

At PCI Performance Management, we understand the significance of audit and compliance for local community banks in effectively managing risk. In an ever-evolving regulatory environment, staying compliant is not only a legal obligation but also a crucial factor in maintaining the trust of stakeholders and customers alike. 

Moreover, an effective audit and compliance program creates a culture of accountability and transparency within the organization. By clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and expectations, community banks can foster a sense of trust among employees, customers, and shareholders, further solidifying their reputation as reliable financial institutions.

Succession Planning


 Succession planning helps businesses mitigate risks by minimizing disruptions that may arise from unexpected departures of key personnel. It ensures the continuity of operations and the preservation of institutional knowledge. By identifying and grooming internal candidates for leadership positions, organizations can avoid the need for costly external searches and lengthy onboarding processes.

Additionally, succession planning allows organizations to close skill gaps and address future needs proactively. By identifying the skills and competencies required for each leadership position, companies can prioritize training and development programs, ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to meet evolving business demands. 

By nurturing and promoting internal talent, businesses can harness the knowledge and experience of individuals who are already familiar with the company's values, culture, and objectives. This drives innovation, enhances decision-making, and builds trust among employees, stakeholders, and customers.
 DiSC Assessments


In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, effective communication is crucial for the success of any organization. Understanding yourself and others can be the key to building strong relationships, enhancing collaboration, and boosting productivity. This is where the DiSC assessment comes in.

The DiSC assessment is an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to enhance communication and boost productivity. By developing a deeper understanding of themselves and others, employees can improve collaboration, minimize conflicts, and achieve better outcomes. Investing in DiSC can result in happier, more engaged employees, leading to a more successful and thriving organization.
Retail Delivery


In today's rapidly evolving banking landscape, customer-focused retail delivery is an essential factor for success. The role of customer-facing bank staff has become pivotal in creating a seamless and enhanced banking experience. By implementing an enhanced retail delivery model, banks can unlock a range of benefits that ultimately drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to personalized service, an enhanced retail delivery model includes embracing technological advancements. By harnessing digital channels, bank staff can provide seamless and convenient banking experiences to customers. The integration of technology not only enhances customer satisfaction but also enables banks to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Bank staff, armed with a deep understanding of customer needs, can identify relevant products and services to meet those needs. This proactive approach helps customers discover new solutions and benefits while also maximizing revenue and profitability for the bank.

By prioritizing this model, banks can differentiate themselves, drive customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve long-term success.


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