Manager Training Course: Top 10 Fundamentals

Manager Training Course
Top 10 Fundamentals

PCI's Manager Training: Top 10 Fundamentals Course covers the top 10 fundamentals every manager should know inside and out.  
This course provides tangible boots-on-the-ground tools that every manager will need to take their leadership to the next level.

PCI's Manager Training: Top 10 Fundamentals course provides tangible management resources needed to level up your game and is focused on: goal setting, employee motivation, skill gap and bench strength, job descriptions, interview techniques, onboarding, workplace culture, difficult conversations, coaching, performance measures, documentation and termination, employee development and employee motivation.

Throughout this 10-module course, each topic is designed with managers in mind, to provide you with tangible and actionable resources you can begin to apply in your day-to-day work life. Wondering how best to coach and mentor your employees? Looking for clear goal-setting and performance measures? Ready to create an interview and onboarding process that wow your new hires and help you become the employer of choice in your community?

Get ahead of the noise and gain greater control of how you approach employee performance and goal setting. Create a team within your organization that thrives and builds the foundation for next-generation leaders of tomorrow. 

Begin today with PCI's Manager Training: Top 10 Fundamentals Course!